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Thermal insulated pallet cover.

Variable sizes available.

Fully collapsible for easy return logistics.

Designed to fully wrap around the pallet load and thermally protect from heat loss or gain.

All materials are waterproof, have rot proof stitching, are antifungal and come with a two year guarantee, subject to normal wear and tear.

Product Specification

Specification Description
Weight empty 15 Kgs
External material Acrylic-coated polyester
Internal material Acrylic-coated polyester
Insulation thickness 45mm
External size w:1200 h:1000 d:1000
Internal size w:1150 h:950 d:950
Fixings Industrial zip and velcro
Thermal conductivity (W/m2.K) 1.01 ± 0.1 /(W/m.K) 0.05 ± 0.005