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Polarthermal introduce their newly upgraded and proven LD3 liner.

It offers substantial cost savings for temperature critical shipments.

Passive, phase change applications enable extended transit times without the need for batteries and dry ice .

Polar LD3 Liners are currently maintaining 2C to 4C for 32 hrs plus, between Heathrow, Dubai and Hong Kong in external ambients of up to + 35C.

They are multi use, washable and fold for return shipments, weighing just 26 Kg.

Polar LD3 Liners outperform any current market solutions.

Product Specification

Also available in LD3, LD7 and LD9 configurations.

Specification Description
Weight (empty) 20 Kgs
External material Acrylic-coated polyester
Thickness 45mm
External size (mm) w:1900 h:1510 d:1310
Internal size (mm) w:1850 h:1460 d:1260
Fixings Zip
Thermal conductivity (W/m2.K) 1.01 ± 0.1 /(W/m.K) 0.05 ± 0.005