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                                         New, LD3 Liners Offer Substantial Cost-                                     
                                       Savings for Temperature-Critical Transits

Still tied into bulky, expensive
technology when Polar LD3 liners
will save weight and importantly,
No bulky batteries required! These
passive insulating liners are currently
maintaining 2⁰ to 4⁰C for 32 hours
between Heathrow, Dubai and Hong
Kong for major supermarkets’ fresh
produce shipments, in ambients
of +35⁰C.
Add phase-change cool blocks and
timings increase substantially. For pharma, extended tests have proven 60
hours at 2-8⁰C in high ambients!
Weighing in at just 26Kgs,

Polar LD3 Liners offer huge cost savings over
existing, costly, insulation systems.
Liners are reusable, washable and fold for return shipment.
Lease from Connaught Leasing at LHR from only £249.00/month.
Call Polar for Sales and technical Support